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Map of Deskland

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map of deskland flora mitavile

Map of Deskland offers a comprehensive review of the archaeological research carried out on a chaotic mess, as accumulated on student halls desk B1D7 at 82 Old Montague Street, London.
Each layer of piled up objects was carefully recorded, and eight distinct geographical sections were defined according to a grid of precise coordinates.
The topography of the site, which required the creation of an innovative representation system, can be seen here under the form of a “chromatographic” aerial view of the excavation process.
Excavated finds were studied according to two parameters:
– its provenance (from the date of acquisition) and the distance (in kilometres) traveled from there to its Deskland location.
– its age in months (from the date of acquisition).
The main diagram, as exhibited at London’s Oxo Tower in June 2008, presents a lateral view of Deskland, which view takes all of the above quoted parameters into account. It shows each of the stratigraphically isolated layers, divided into the eight sections of the Deskland site. It describes each object, and shows how their topographic position can overlap in certain areas. The bottom section of the diagram also displays the exact ages and traveled distances for each object, classified by section.
Although there is no direct evidence of early Desklandic mess planning, some system seems to have been followed, since the site sections are organised around what appears to be two main structures. These two remarkable finds, whose counterpart has not been unearthed in any ancient city, have been labeled as “computer” and “printer”. The provenance and age of the finds layered along these main landmarks seem to follow relatively distinct patterns in each section of the site.