Flora Mitjavile | Nordic Power

Nordic Power

From an international perspective, the five Nordic countries are undisputed leaders in gender equality and women empowerment.
However, from a Nordic perspective, the situation may seem less glorious. Nordic Power compiles comparative figures on the representation of women in decision-making positions within the governments of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland over the last four decades.
Figures show a disproportionate number of men in top positions in all Nordic governments. Even in governments with a majority of women ministers, vertical and horizontal gender segregation remain patent.
The top functions of Head of State and Prime Minister are largely held by men, while the majority of ministerial posts held by women involve social functions (social welfare, health, education) rather than more crucial functions (finance and trade, justice, foreign policy). The Nordic countries have only had three female Prime Ministers so far, and the Nordic dream of achieving a gender balance in access to societal power still seems far from coming true.