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Pick-a-Bone™ is a hands-on genetic modification game for children, that focuses on all five classes of vertebrates: mammal (rabbit), amphibian (frog), reptile (snake), bird (chicken) and fish.
The process of manipulating, deconstructing, modifying and recomposing helps children understand the core spinal structure in a vertebrate body.
The game itself has a flexible configuration that encourages inventiveness and imaginative play. With special spine dices, trivia question cards, and infinite possibilities in skeletal creations, Pick-a-Bone™ can be used in various ways, so that the whole family can play and learn together!
Pick-a-Bone™ was invented by Flora Mitjavile in 2007. Flora then worked in collaboration with industrial designer Rui Liu (MA Industrial Design, Central Saint Martins) to design the 3D animals.
The prototype, made for the Central Saint Martins MA Industrial Design Degree Show in 2008, was tested on children and proved very popular. The accuracy of the skeletal designs was also validated by the curator of UCL’s Grant Museum of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy, Mark Carnall.
Pick-a-Bone™ has made of Rui and Flora the proud winners of the red dot design concept award in 2007, and of the iF concept award in 2008.