Flora Mitjavile | The EarEye System

The EarEye System

The EarEye System is an inquiry into the sound-vision interplay and the prospects of sonography.
The paper aims at untangling the existing and possible associations between sound and visual media, in order to rationally examine their consequences and potential developments.
The question of the lack of clear definition of what actually constitutes sound art, indeed, is a well-worn clich̩ Рperhaps having even become the very emblem of sound art. It seems that sound artists, theorists and curators prefer to grope about in relative obscurity, and strive to place sound art on an equal footing with any other plastic art. Yet the real problem, more than the lack of serious writing on the subject, is the obscure way in which sound and sound art are discussed. Philosophical theories of sound, both as a substantial object and as an art, tend only to mystify and so discourage access to a broad, general public.
Instead of being genuinely concerned with the future development of sound art theories and practices, sound theorists tend to get lost in confusing claims regarding the ontological status of sound (is sound a thing of its own right?), and problematising the origins of sound art (how can one retrospectively insert sound art into the canons of established practice?).
The status of sound – as a sense and as an art – in our dominantly visual society remains unclear, and anxiety is often expressed in the form of the difference between sound and visual media or other forms. The aesthetic status of sound indeed seems linked in an ambiguous relation with various other media – despite the desire to delineate its meaning on its own terms.
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