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The London Plan

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The Greater London Authority Act 1999 places responsibility for strategic planning in London on the Mayor, and requires him to produce a Spatial Development Strategy for London. This strategy is illustrated with a number of maps and diagrams under what is called the “London Plan” – in essence an illustration of the Mayor’s views on the present state of our city, as well as of his grand designs for London’s future.
The London Plan is a fascinating data source, covering a great span of urban management issues such as security, population and communities, wealth and poverty, sustainability and pollution, architecture and design. It is also, however, a striking example of how cartographic conventions can be used to manipulate the interpretation of social and spatial data.
This series of maps aims at recycling the London Plan cartographic data into a simplistic graphic ratio system, hence ironically displaying an emotional interpretation of urban issues, in the shape of a rational looking representation system.