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Tokyo Sarin Gas Attack

flora mitjavile tokyo sarin gas attack
In March 1995, Tokyo underground passengers suffered a devastating terror attack. Sarin gas was released into three of the Tokyo Metro trains, making over 5,000 victims and eventually leading to 12 deaths.
In spite of immediate passenger reactions, the Tokyo Metro company failed to put infected trains out of service soon enough, obsessed as it was with running its service on time.
Tokyo is a low-crime city and when the gas attack happened, it seemed like no one was prepared for such a large scale emergency.
The purpose of this information map is to convey the timeline of the attack, as well as to pinpoint some of the major problems that occurred in the course of the various emergency responses.

Health services in Tokyo had never studied the 1994 sarin attack report, filed by Matsumoto physicians as a similar attack stroke their town the previous year.
The sarin antidote was generally not in stock at Tokyo hospitals and clinics, and even if it was, could not be administered without accurate information on the nature of the gas.
The Japan Poison information Centre could not cope with the amount of calls it received, and had its phone lines blocked for over three hours.