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Underground Symboltype

Flora Mitjavile london underground symbol typeface

london underground typography symbol logo design graphic

Beside is an experiment conducted as a response to conformity as a best practice standard in typographic font creation.
When producing a typeface, font designers will often insist on the importance of making typographical letter forms relate to each other, and of avoiding visual noise in order to achieve consistency.
Instead of creating a series of glyphs, only to then find oneself laboriously checking for consistency in curves, weights, widths and strokes, this experiment consists in turning the process around, and deriving a complete alphabet from one single symbol. The resulting “Symboltype” should automatically show unity and balance throughout. Perfect coherence and uniformity could in theory make it a gold standard in typography!
Having chosen the London underground logotype, a strong iconic symbol, I start by sketching out 30 to 40 sub-symbols that could be the basis for a typeface design. An alphabet quickly emerges, in which letters are nothing more than slight modifications of the London underground symbol.
experimental typography i love you you are the one now is the time
Of course the resulting type is predictably coherent, but it isn’t easily deciphered – Symboltype’s high degree of consistency appears to have developed at the sacrifice of legibility.

The discerning observer can probably still read the illegible:
I love you. You are the one. Now is the time.