An alphabet of letter-contractions

r+n = m

Graphic designers will probably know this visual equation for a fact.

Yet, when it comes to the other 676 possible two-letter additions – (a+b=?), (j+k=?), (e+n=?), etc. – we are generally clueless.

As a visual writing system made solely of two-letter combinations, AlphaBeta is an extension of the r+n formula.

This hypothetical typeface uses the Helvetica letter-shapes, and considers all possible two-letter amalgams of lower-case letters from the modern core Latin alphabet.

AlphaBeta can be used as a coded script, and also offers a set of symbols for measurement units.

The creative exercise demanded by AlphaBeta is a challenging and instructive one. AlphaBeta is a versatile system, as each letter combination can potentially be designed in many various ways.

centilitre, cl
measures volumes

kilometre, km
measures distances

gigabyte, gb
measures digital information

centimeter, cm
measures sizes

jigger, jg
measures liquor volumes

kilojoule, kj
measures energy

The AlphaBeta Apparatus toolkit enables one to mix letters together to create unique new blends, or combine ready-blended letters into sentences.


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